2021 Florida & Alabama Brownfields Conference PART 2

Part 2 Event: In Person Conference
April 25-27, 2022


April 25, 2022

Brownfields – Its History in Florida 

Preparing for the Race:  Brownfield Re-use Drivers, Vision, and Leveraging 

Comparison of Soil Blending, Targeted Bulk Removal, and Combined Remedies for Brownfield Remediation 

Former Baypointe Golf Course - Pinellas County, Florida 

  • Dan Nedvidek

Citizen Engagement: A Guide to a Successful Superfund Response ?

Recognizing Rehabilitation Resources; Four Steps to Renewed Interest in your Real Estate

Driving the Square Peg into the Round Hole: Redevelopment and Regulatory Closure of Former Agricultural Land and Golf Courses

  • Laurel Lockett, Howard NelsonMatt WisslerBrian Moore, Steve Hilfiker

Brownfields 101 

  • Michael Sznapstajler, Esq.Kelly Crain, Lauren Grace McGee

FDEP Brownfields and State and Tribal Response Program (SRP) Update 

VCTC: Introduction to Electronic Application Submission Portal 

ADEM Visioning Session

  • Lauren Grace McGee

Across the Southeast - Key Incentives in State Brownfield & Voluntary Cleanup Programs 

  • Jason Lichtstein, Esq., Russell Griebel, Trey Hess

Brownfields Redevelopment, Disaster Recovery, and Environmental Justice in North Port St. Joe, Florida 

  • Dr. Kwame Owusu-DaakuDannie BoldenBonita JohnsonCynthia Peurifoy

Environmental Justice Success in a Model Southern Industrial City  

  • Andy Lawn

Small City, Creative Programs: Brownfield Grant Approaches and Leveraging in Palatka, Florida

  • Ben Peotter

Impacts of Climate Change on Brownfield Redevelopment and Remediation  

  • James Parker-Flynn, Esq., Katie Fox, Esteban Biondi

April 26, 2022

From Ruins to Reclamation: The Fairfax Mill Story 

Use of Alternative Cleanup Target Levels to Cost Effectively Transfer an Industrial Downtown Property to a City of Tampa Park 

  • Donna Cline

Demystifying Declarations of Restrictive Covenant (How to Successfully Navigate the DRC Process) 

  • Lisa Duchene, Esq.

Roundtable Discussion with State Brownfield Associations 

  • Jason Lichtstein, Esq.

Brownfield Redevelopment: With Adversity Comes Opportunity

An Overview of EPA Grants Awarded to the Pioneer Bay Community Development Corporation

Complex Worlds of Communication & Outreach  

  • Jeff Peters

Setting Realistic Expectations Regarding Preliminary Environmental Assessments

  • David Carden

Latest Vapor Mitigation Technologies Solve VI Challenges for Redevelopment of Former Gas Station: North Carolina Case Study 

Colloidal Activated Carbon Used to Reduce PFAS and Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations in Groundwater to Below Detection Limits at an Army National Guard Site  

  • Chad Northington, Ryan Moore

Three Technology Advancements in Vapor Mitigation  

  • Jordan Knight

David Lloyd, Director, Office of Brownfields and Land Revitalization, EPA 

EPA Updates - Infrastructure Funding, Regional Logistics, and Grant Timing

  • Cindy Nolan, Brian Holtzclaw

Crowdsourcing Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) Services

  • Clark Henry

A Brownfields Site with an Unconditional Closure – a Case Study with the Former Coral Springs Landfill 

  • Cristina Graver

Brownfield Success Story at a Former Landfill in West Palm Beach Florida 

  • Will Burke, P.G.

Funky Fields - Nontraditional Brownfield Sites and the Challenges They Pose 

Reviving a Dormant Brownfield Project 20 Years after Approval  

  • Louis Montgomery

Industrial Vacuum Liquid & WW Conveyance Systems Indoor & Outdoor Applications for BF Settings 

Pilot Testing - The Key to Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Success  

  • Jessica Karns 



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